Hello, World

I need people to vote!

I’ve been in a debate with my friend Hannah (classiczombie) that she resembles Emma Watson. She thinks she does not.

Vote and help us settle this please?

  1. andesandsea answered: Would not have even crossed my mind had you not said it. Nope.
  2. uncastedshadows answered: Nope :P
  3. bonkersz answered: Resembles, yes. But only if you mention it. I never would have thought so otherwise.
  4. modernleper answered: eh
  5. tobeconcludedlater answered: She does!
  6. hnnhslvs answered: nope!
  7. mr-mittens answered: yes she totally does. she’s actually really pretty :)
  8. lovehopesmilelaugh answered: Yes, I can see a resemblance though it would be better if it were a set of pictures.
  9. daisy-violet answered: she does!
  10. controversial-tabloid-story answered: totally does.
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