Hello, World

My name is Jake Irvin and this is where I post the things I enjoy and write what is on my mind. I was born in the Antelope Valley, California, but am currently attending Syracuse University in upstate New York as a film student. If you want to get to know me, feel free to leave me a message! I am a friendly guy.

That’s a good metaphor for life:

You’re just doing you, dancing alone to Smash Mouth in your school’s auditorium, when a bunch of men in suits knock down the door and kick you out. Then you wake up on the day of graduation with your degree that’s worth nothing, $80k debt, nowhere to live, and you never got to dance to Smash Mouth.

I run a film club at school and show up 30 minutes early every week to run a tech check, usually by watching 90s pop music videos. So today in the middle of me dancing around the empty auditorium to Smash Mouth, a bunch of adults in suits barged in because apparently they reserved the space.

I was looking kinda dumb.